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Name: Ann-marie "Ana" Vidrine
Age: 12
gender: female
digimon: Samamon, Pupyumon
crest#: three
crest: Innocence, Truth, Forgiveness
Hair color: Mahogony
Hair Style: Bob-cut, middle of neck
Eye color: Left eye blue, Right eye brown.
Outfit: Purple collared tank (yellow star design), blue jeans that are red from the knee to bottom, and elbow length gloves.
Odd thing: She's partially blind (Right eye)
"Don't be such a weenie Tai!"
"Sora's jealous! Sora's jealous!"
"Sha! I wanna wrap em all up and take em home with me!" (referring to digimon."
"Joy... two little munchikins..." (referring to T.K and Kari)
"Cactus head? How could you possibly have ANY feelings for Cactus head?"
"She tricked me! I swear I never wanted to touch a pom-pom!"
"Botton, botton, who has the button? Oh! DELETE!"
"You never stop do you?"
"Aw I think it's sweet. I can see it now: Mrs.Lexxy Izumi..."
"I most certainly do not like Tai!"
"I'll apologize if he does!"
"I'm sorry... this is all my fault..."
Character Traits:

Ann tends to be a loud mouth. She gets mad easy and doesn't like admitting it when she's wrong. She's also very quick to jump to conclusion (she thinks the intire world is after her.) and is very secretive about her past. The only one who really knows her is Tai.
Ann's known Tai since she was very young. He's almost like a brother to her. She also feels it's her fault that they are all trapped into the digital world. But, what role does she play in the history of the Digi-World?

(side notes:) Ann is my character. I own all rights to her. DON'T STEAL!!


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