Hi! This is Daniel!

During February we will begin adding many new features
to ItsMyRoom.

Poem Place and Short Stories will open. We will post
poems and short stories here that you submit to us.

Crash Site will open and will have its own URL as well:


At Crash Site you will be able to build a full web site rather
than the one page site that you can build now at ItsMyRoom.

Do you like Anime and Manga like I do? Anime Manga World will
open in March. It will have its own URL as well at


This site will showcase everything about Anime and Manga.
If you have ideas for what you would like to see there, please
contact me at ssfourgoku@yahoo.com and put Anime Mange World as the

Right now at ItsMyRoom you can build a one page website. Starting
in February you will be able to build a website with many pages at
Crash Site. The only limitation will be a space limitation. You will
be able to upload images, use tables and frames, and many other things.

If you know HTML, you will be able to apply these skills to your
pages as well.

To see how easy it will be to make changes to your site, please go to


We will be adding to the graphics in our images library.
We will also be adding additional pages. You will have additional
page categories for Poetry and Prose. Pages to put up your drawings
or other art. Pages for a Diary. We will also have pages that you
can create your own topic for.

An area to highlight the best home pages in the community is also coming.

Thank you for visiting my website,