Tips On How To Build A
More Interesting Home Page

Remember the more interesting your homepage is, the more your friends will want to come back!!

Remember to use "White Text" on a "Black Background".

Answer some or all of the following. You can copy this to the text box and place your answers in!

Fav Actor:
Fav Actress:
Fac Author:
Fav Band:
Fav Book:
Fav Car:
Fav Color:
Fav Food:
Fav Friends:
Fav Game:
Fav Hobby:
Fav Holiday:
Fav Movie:
Fav Musician:
Fav Non Alcoholic Drink:
Fav Number:
Fav Place:
Fav Scents:
Fav School Subject:
Fav Search Engine:
Fav Season:
Fav Song:
Fav Sport:
Fav Store:
Fav Time of the Day:
Fav TV Show:
Fav Website:

Other ideas to think about:

  • What type of movies do you like? For example: Thriller, Science Fiction, Action, Comedy, Animation, etc.
  • What do you want to do in life?
  • What do you think about the leader of your country?
  • Worst feeling in the world?
  • Best feeling in the world?
  • First thing I think of when I wake up:
  • Do you like Storms?:
  • What are you afraid of:
  • What are you best at:
  • How do you feel if you are asked to do an oral report?
  • Zodiac sign?
  • Left, Right or Both?
  • If you could be any cartoon character:
  • Say something about the city or country you live in!

Have fun building your homepage!